racing green

the valley of death improvised a new geography on his flesh that time would not erode. sculpted by splinter, shock and shell, meat is skewed from its genetic destiny, the random surgery of burst metal fragments refashioning his face and body into a physiognomy of chance that he wore masks and wigs to conceal. a palpable field eloquent of his injuries projects through these disguises like a hewn and mutilated wraith of shocking force. even his horses would shrink away from him in the stables where he had previously enjoyed their trust and even intimacy, starting from him in the stall if he approached their flanks.

at the end of the event that happened over a period of several hours and affected many discrete areas around the globe, as everyone in these zones began waking from the long period of collective unconsciousness, the retreating control beam produced sickle shaped spectra in the penumbra of shadows. the result seems to be an alteration in the mechanics of light propagation. the visible spectrum seems to have been shifted or anulled and replaced with a signal containing a faux spectrum with the colours of a television test pattern.