junction spheres

approaching an imaginary junction that represents the intersection of two spheres

as i speak i brush my face with my fingertips surface to surface feeling the sensation first on my cheek then in my fingertips

at this position and this moment the lines of longitude and latitude cross each other as the two surfaces interpenetrate

money passes from one hand to the next or through digital synapses out of (sight)site in rooms connected by conduits

the question of the particular position of the spheres and their attitude with respect to each other can be posed

we sit in the same room looking at images

each person would be subject to a process of self- screening in order to assess their suitability

whether the spheres came into being independently or whether they emerged from the mirror images of each other and then evolved separately

a catalogue of shared and divergent concerns

how they might have found themselves in contact with one another

was a guiding hand piloting them through space and time or was the movement a consequence of many hands?

inching together the possessor and possessed

the baton of power passes and the spheres disengage

you were selected to be here with a highly accurate and carefully researched profile to optimise you for what you would get out of this

a reaction as a convulsion of your entire being a profound consuming effect that cannot bear even the slightest outside interference until the immediate spell wears off

this might take hours