fly vectors



The fly’s compound eye is a multi-part machine for the production of potentialities in the surrounding space which manifest as arrays of dormant points. This inverts the convention of seeing being the mere reception of reflected light. Here space is complicit in the act of perception producing an optics where the continuum merges with its own rupture. The assemblage of crystalline structures that form the eye’s optical components cluster in a dome shape that provides a near 360⁰ scope. A point in the actuated but dormant field of virtual points becomes viable through purposeful perception.  Space acts as a form of pressure in combination with air molecules that form the substrate for the fly’s manoeuvres. Each optic produces its own point that may at any time be realised. The point then forms the terminal node of a vector that produces the fly’s line of flight. The compound eye creates a multitude of perspectives angled away from their neighbours. This cluster of geometries form the basis for the fly’s ability to manoeuvre at speed away from a threat. Through the angle between two optics a fly perceives hostile motion and instantly triangulates a safe point without any intervening process. The fly translates itself through space with pure geometry operating at the margin of quantum effects. The fly’s ultra-manoeuvrability is achieved by being able to roll its body in flight to produce an immediate change of direction. The fly is an interface through which the pressures of air and space operate as a supra-dimensional map of intuitive plots. The fly’s vulnerability is its own periodic lethargy or the deployment of a non-directional force such as a flicked towel. Here the decisive factor is the rupture of space and atmosphere as the tip of the towel exceeds the sound barrier creating a fatal sound vortex that disrupts the pressure field and the fly’s life systems. It is reported that a tailor killed seven flies with a blow of his hand but it is more likely he used a cloth whipped in this way. A fly on the wall surveillance engine would have observed the deed and the temporal geometries of virtual and real outcomes. Interstitial divination by joining a constellation of dots.